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Innovations in Conservation

ICONS provides consulting and training to businesses, financial institutions, government, and civil society to ensure a world with resilient and enduring ecosystems. We work closely with clients to manage risks and bridge the gap between business and nature.

We work at the forefront of commerce, finance, and biodiversity conservation. Our deep professional experience and diverse network of consultants allows us to integrate the work of conservation finance, sustainable business development, and biodiversity conservation to produce a unique 21st century approach to conservation practice.





  • Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Conservation Project Design, Management, and Evaluation
  • Messaging and Marketing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Evaluation
  • Biodiversity Mitigation and Offsets: Ecosystem Services Project Development

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  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Sustainable Banking Practices and ESG Standards

  • Government and Private Conservation Finance Strategies
  • Conservation Trust Fund Design, Implementation, and Operations

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“The 20th Century gave us great conservation leaders who inspired us to go outside and save what was left of our big wild places. Now we need a 21st Century conservation that will produce new leaders from the worlds of civil society, business, and finance to create economies that value these wild places in every transaction.”


Jim Tolisano, ICONS Co-Founder


Current Projects

Eastern Africa - Strategic and Business Planning

ICONS is facilitating the development of an innovative strategic plan and business plan to guide the work of Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, the leading marine science institution serving east and south African and Indian Ocean nations.

Global - Conservation Finance Strategy

Our experts are working with the UN Development Programme’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) to develop conservation finance tools and instruments, and guidance and training materials to support the implementation of the BIOFIN initiative in 31 countries.

U.S.A. (New York) - Land Conservation Planning

The ICONS team is developing a conservation plan for the Rensselaer Land Trust, a land conservation organization in New York State.