Biodiversity Protection and Climate Change


Leadership Training and Coaching

ICONS brings decades of experience in training and coaching for businesses, financial institutions, governments, civil society, and members of the donor community. We design individualized training events and programs for personnel at all institutional levels, from new employees to senior leaders. We integrate topics that range from leadership skills to biodiversity scoping and standards. For a more specialized experience, we offer coaching to your management teams in one-to-several and one-to-one formats. We offer training in English, Spanish, and French, among other languages.


Conservation Project Design, Management, and Evaluation

ICONS works with you to create biodiversity conservation strategies that reflect your business goals, regulatory requirements, and the habitat features and local community needs of the locations where you work. We build strong working relationships among all stakeholders to ensure that key perspectives and expertise are engaged in all project work and to strengthen local commitment to your results.


Messaging and Marketing

ICONS designs resonant messaging for your communications and marketing to highlight your effective biodiversity conservation strategies and show progress toward your long-term goals.


Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation

ICONS assists you in EIA preparation or in a review of analyses done by you or another consultant. We design mitigation efforts as well or monitor, evaluate, and report on mitigation initiatives you have already implemented. ICONS works extensively with the protocols from many national governments and international institutions in dozens of countries and in diverse ecosystems worldwide.


Biodiversity Mitigation and Offsets: Ecosystem Services Project Development

ICONS works with the mitigation hierarchy and ensures that your project meets the highest international standards. We assist you in designing offsets and monitoring their results. ICONS works in ecosystem project development including initiatives around forest carbon, fisheries and near shore coastal restoration, wetlands and species banking, watersheds, renewable energy, and tourism. Where offsets present risks of conflict with local communities, ICONS helps you build relationships to minimize them and create mutually beneficial results.