Our Work

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Latin America Region

Transboundary Conservation Strategy

ICONS specialists led an assessment for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to identify regional transboundary conservation opportunities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region. Our innovative planning model allows stakeholders to select and prioritize transboundary conservation investments in key regional sites.


Peru and Nambia

Conservation Finance and Sustainable Livelihoods

We worked with the IUCN Finance Incubator Initiative (INC) and local NGOs to develop a long-term conservation finance strategy for Cordillera Azul National Park in northeastern Peru, and a coalition of private landowners in rural Namibia. Project outcomes will build long-term finance mechanisms to support improved land use, public and private protected area management, and biodiversity conservation.   



Conservation Finance Mechanism

ICONS is working with Mexico’s Protected Area Authority to help develop a financial instrument to support the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity and protected areas. Our team is leading a participatory process to produce a road map to integrate the financial instrument within Mexico’s legal and policy framework.

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Western Indian Ocean Region

Conservation Trust Fund development

We work with a coalition of government, private sector, and NGO representatives from eight countries in the Western Indian Ocean region to design, finance, and implement a conservation trust fund to protect coastal and marine biodiversity and mitigate the impacts from climate change. Our experts help develop the legal and governance framework, administrative and operational procedures, and the financial planning and asset management strategy.

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Guinea and Sierra Leone

Community Conservation Strategy

We worked with government, NGO, CBO, and private business leaders from Guinea and Sierra Leone to build a conservation fund and community-driven livelihoods program to support public and private protected area management and biodiversity conservation. We trained government authorities, financial institutions, and community leaders in conservation enterprise development, and led the development and implementation of enterprise initiatives to support local organizations and businesses. We also assisted government, NGOs and civil society to develop agreements and technical portfolios for an adjoining transboundary conservation area.


Eastern Africa

Strategic and Business Planning

ICONS is facilitating the development of an innovative strategic plan and business plan to guide the work of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, the leading marine science institution serving east and south African and Indian Ocean nations.



Sustainable Marine Protected Areas

We provide technical support and training for members of the Tri-National Marine Science Initiative to balance new business developments with the management and finance needs for Cuba’s marine protected areas. 


U.S.A. (New York)

Land Conservation Planning

The ICONS team is developing a conservation plan for the Rensselaer Land Trust, a land conservation organization in New York State.

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Conservation Finance Strategy

Our experts are working with the UN Development Programme’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) to develop conservation finance tools and instruments, and guidance and training materials to support the implementation of the BIOFIN initiative in 31 countries.

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National Environmental Planning

The ICONS team worked with a coalition from the government ministries, civil society organizations, and local and international NGOs to help revise Cambodia's National Natural Resource and Environmental Code, including the development of a decentralization strategy and comparative regional case studies to guide code implementation.