What We Do



ICONS provides consulting and training to businesses, financial institutions, government, and civil society to ensure a world with resilient and enduring ecosystems. We work closely with clients to manage risks and bridge the gap between business and nature.


Our Purpose

ICONS assists clients in protecting the habitat of animals and plants and the essential services provided by healthy ecosystems with particular attention to nature conservation in areas affected by development and resource extraction.


Our Approach

We listen to your needs. Then we guide you in choosing effective ways to balance them with the needs of nature  - both now and for the future.


Our Values

When you work with us you can expect clarity, honesty, integrity, and promptness. We are committed to your success and to ensuring resilient and enduring ecosystems wherever we work.


Who We Serve


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+ Businesses

Businesses integrating biodiversity and ecosystem conservation into their business model either voluntarily or in response to regulators, lenders, and stakeholders in these industries: Oil and Gas – Mining – Forestry – Agribusiness – Fisheries – Tourism – Renewable Energy like hydropower, solar arrays, biomass generators, and wind farms – Infrastructure Development


+ National and Local Financial Institutions

Institutions looking to develop and apply their own performance standards that reflect key characteristics of the Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards.

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+ International Financial Institutions

Institutions that have adopted the Equator Principles or IFC Performance Standards, especially PS1 (environmental impact assessments) and PS6 (no net loss of biodiversity).

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+ National and International Government Agencies

Government agencies that are creating or reviewing regulatory, management, and financial systems to sustain protected areas, conserve biodiversity, and adapt to our changing climate.

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+ Bilateral and Multilateral Donors and Development Finance Institutions

Institutions that provide support for protected areas, biodiversity, and climate adaptation.


+ Investors and Merger and Acquisition Professionals

Professionals seeking biodiversity and ecosystem conservation information, history, and industry trends on companies for their due diligence on proposed transactions.