Strategic Planning and Sustainable Finance


Strategic Planning

ICONS employs a participatory, stakeholder driven process to build resilient strategies that allow organizations to achieve and sustain their full potential. Our work has produced strategic plans to create enduring learning organizations for a wide range of clients, including private land conservation associations, conservation NGOs, science based research institutions, international donors, private foundations, local and international banks, and corporations.


Leadership Training and Coaching

ICONS brings decades of experience in training and coaching for businesses, financial institutions, governments, civil society, and members of the donor community. We design individualized training events and programs for personnel at all institutional levels, from new employees to senior leaders. We integrate topics that range from leadership skills to biodiversity scoping and standards. For a more specialized experience, we offer coaching to your management teams in one-to-several and one-to-one formats. We offer training in English, Spanish, and French, among other languages.


Sustainable Banking Practices and ESG Standards

We advise Equator Banks on implementing the Equator Principles and on broader initiatives around sustainable banking. ICONS works with local banks to design and implement ESG standards that capture the key elements of the EPs and IFC Performance Standards. ICONS helps banking clients conduct environmental and social scoping and due diligence for loan applications or set up a function so you can do it internally. We also offer monitoring and impact assessment to help lenders better understand and improve the effectiveness of sustainability standards and certification.


Government and Private Conservation Finance Strategies

National governments often face funding gaps for the operations of their protected areas. ICONS identifies ways to fill these gaps. ICONS works with international funders, NGOs, and government agencies worldwide to understand and apply national environmental and tax law and policy in finding solutions.


Conservation Trust Fund Design, Implementation, and Operations

Trust funds feature prominently among tools for providing resources for managing protected areas. ICONS assists governments, NGOs, banks, donors, and financial institutions design and implement CTFs, and then manage them for optimal performance. We also provide training to CTF staff and board members on trust fund operations and investment management.